The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs in Saint Lucia has declared a total of 56 new cases on Sunday. 22nd May, 2022 saw a slight rise as samples collected from the previous day were processed. There were around 256 samples collected out of which 206 were tested in Ezra Long Laboratory while the remaining were observed in Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited. This constitutes to around 23.7% of positive cases from the collection. The total number, thus, has currently reached 25, 013 cases.

In optimistic news, around 100 recoveries were reported from the COVID-19. As of now the active cases are 780. At the moment, 24 positive cases have been admitted to the Respiratory department in hospital out of which only one has been stated to be critical. 

In terms of vaccination, around 53,877 citizens have been completely vaccinated. 5,336 people have certificates of partial vaccination and a good number of 7,42 have gotten their booster shot. 

The vaccination drive will commence again from 23rd May, 2022 within varied Wellness centers. This will follow the established COVID-19 schedule for vaccination. The timings for the same will be from 9 am to 4 pm.

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