After 46 people tested positive in the last 24 hours out of 2,331 total tests, a total of 324,175 people have now been confirmed as positive for COVID-19. There have been 3,644,852 tests completed, with a positive rate of 2.0 per cent. There are 35 Kenyans and 11 foreigners among the latest victims, including 26 males and 20 females. One-year-olds and people in their mid-seventies are among them.

According to the county breakdown, Nairobi has 37 cases, Kisumu has four, Mombasa has four, and Kiambu has one. Positive cases were discovered in the following age groups: 0-9 years (7), 10-19 years (8), 20-29 years (7), 30-39 years (7), 40-49 years (8), 50-59 years (1), and 60 years and older (5). (3).

The sickness was recovered by 21 patients in the Home-Based and Isolation Care Program. 318,245 people are now in recovery, including 265,214 from the Home-Based Care and Isolation programme and 53,031 from various health centres across the country.

The overall number of deaths is 5,649, even though no one died directly as a result of the condition. A total of 62 persons died under the age of nine, 43 between the ages of ten and nineteen, 149 between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine, and 309 between the ages of thirty and forty (3,310).

So far, 280 people have joined up for the Home-Based Isolation and Care program, with one patient currently residing at one of our medical facilities. ICU, SCU, and HDU patients are all empty right now because there are no patients in any of these units (HDU).

As of May 19th, 2022, a total of 18,057,346 vaccines had been provided across the country. Every year, adults receive 16,382,068 doses (18 years and above). Another 1,323,148 doses are administered to those aged 15 to 17, 32,954 to people aged 12 to 15, and 319,176 are boosters.

As of today, 13,343 immunizations have been administered, with 5,820 persons receiving complete vaccinations. 30.7 percent of adults had received all of their immunizations. As part of this campaign, a total of 27,246,033 people are expected to get vaccinated.

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