According to the Ministry of Health, through the Unit of Indigenous Peoples and Interculturality in Health, have vaccinated more than four million people of the Mayan, Garífuna, and Xinca ethnic groups against COVID-19, with Mayan ethnic self-identification from different departments of the country.

She was also emphatic in saying that they have carried out actions such as bringing health closer to remote and difficult-to-reach communities in all municipalities and regions of the country. This has been done with door-to-door vaccinations, mobile and fixed posts, and loudspeaker actions.

According to the data processed by the Health Management Information System, of the total number of immunized people, it is reported that the first dose was administered to 2 million 120 thousand 664 people.

The people of the Xinca people received 29,580 first doses. Meanwhile, the Garífuna people received 17,103 first doses, he said. Likewise, approximately 585,000 people have decided to receive the first or second booster dose, as appropriate.

The immunization of the different ethnic groups adds up to more than 46,600 first doses, about 35,100 complete schemes, and approximately 17,200 first and second booster doses.

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