In the previous 24 hours, Panama recorded four additional fatalities from corona, bringing the country’s total to 8,262 dead and a fatality rate of 1.0%.

There are approximately 865,500 confirmed infections in the nation as of Thursday, of which 3,789 are new positive occurrences.

The amount has been reduced to $826,425, of which $2,078 are new people who have been classified as recovered today. For a positive of 22.7%, 16,707 tests were performed.

There are 30,183 active cases in the country, of which 30,533 are in home isolation and 280 are in hospitals. Those at home are categorized into 30,493 cases and those staying at hotels are divided into 40 groups. The ICU holds 35 patients while the Ward contains 245 individuals.

Juan Díaz 168; San Francisco 144; Bethany 134; Beautiful View 131; Rufina Alfaro 111, and Pacora 100 infections were reported in the following districts on Thursday: Juan Díaz 168

On the other side, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced that pediatric doses will continue to be administered in health centers and Minsa-Capsi. It was stated that pediatric doses are given in Tocumen, Pedregal, Curundú, Santa Ana, and Minsa-Capsi de Las Gar

It is positioned in the Ulaps de las Cumbres and San Miguelito in health centers of Cerro Batea, Nuevo Veranillo, Valle de Urracá, Torrijos Carter, and Amelia Denis de Icaza in the North Panama Health Region.

Vaccination report

Meanwhile, the Expanded Program on Immunization (PAI) reports that since January 2021, 8,254,408 vaccines have been used in Guinea. 3,478,259 in the first dose; 3,105,023 in the second dose; and 1 If you’re counting days over a month or years at a time.

For children between 5 and 11 years of age, 363,434 pediatric doses and 675,624-second booster doses have been given.

The coverage of the population aged 15 years and older with the first dose is 87.6 percent; for the second, it’s 78.2%. The effectiveness of a one-time vaccination drops to 50% among adults over 16 years old 60 days after vaccination, reaching only 31% 365 days later (assuming 100% vaccine take up). With

Citizens may go to any health center, polycenter, polyclinic, Minsa-Capsi national or regional hospitals, or private clinics to get the pediatric doses of reinforcements and other injections that are missing in health centers, polycenters, polyclinics, Minsa-Capsi; as well as additional vaccines.

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