250 COVID-19 cases were reported by Dr. Albert Au of the Department of Health’s Center for Health Protection, 105 of which were confirmed using nucleic acid testing and 145 through the Rapid Antigen Test online declaration platform.

The Hospital Authority confirmed 25 of the newly confirmed cases today, the Public Health Laboratory Service of the Department of Health confirmed another 18, and private laboratories or community testing facilities directly confirmed the remaining 62.

After 8 days, a 20-year-old woman from the United States arrived with a re-positive case. She received two vaccines.

A 44-year-old member of the local freight crew tested positive. He lives in Sai Kung and returned from the United States on May 23rd and 25th via closed-loop management. He has been classified as an imported case for the time being.

The Delta variant was not found in any of the people that were examined. In 138 cases, the Omicron variant was found, but 36 cases were unable to be diagnosed due to low viral load.

After genome sequencing, the four possible Omicron BA.2.12.1 examples provided yesterday were found to be consistent with the McDonald’s cluster. The 33-month-old baby boy who was previously diagnosed has a genetic sequence that matches this cluster. According to the Department of Health’s Public Health Laboratory Service, 138 confirmed cases were suspected of being infected with Omicron, while the remaining 36 were insufficient for genome sequencing.

A 39-year-old guy from Singapore (vaccinated with three doses) and a 32-year-old man from Sweden both tested positive for Omicron sub-lineage BA.2.12.1. The 39-year-old guy stayed at the Courtyard Marriott’s Sha Tin Room 2835, while the 32-year-old man stayed in the room next door. He received three doses of immunization. The HIV-positive traveller who arrived with the 32-year-old man was also discovered.

Since the fifth wave began, 1,198,957 COVID-19 cases have been documented.

No new cases have been reported at residential care facilities today, but 18 new cases have been discovered in 16 schools (16 pupils and 2 teachers) (7 kindergartens, 7 primary schools, and 9 high schools). Three students from Canada’s Delia School tested positive. The affected classes will be cancelled on Monday, and additional tests will be administered.

Since the fifth wave began, a total of 9,162 people have died, with the Health Authority reporting one new death yesterday. The gross mortality rate remained constant at 0.764 percent.

After eating at the HKCEC staff canteen on the third floor, another 55-year-old female employee tested positive. In Sai Ying Pun, she lives on Water Street.

According to Dr. Larry Lee of the Facility Authority, there are still 451 patients in the hospital. A total of 59 new patients were admitted. Two of the new patients were critically ill, while another was critically ill.

After receiving two vaccination shots, an 82-year-old man died yesterday. Over 54 patients have recovered completely, with 39 of them being free. During the admission screening, no more cases were discovered.

Meanwhile, 23,216 Hospital Authority employees tested positive for COVID-19, with 23,172 recovering and returning to work.

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