In Pakistan, there have been two new cases of polio reported in North Waziristan, with one of them being fatal.

The Pakistan National Polio Lab at the National Institute of Healthcare in Islamabad announced late on Monday that a one-year-old boy from Dosali had experienced the onset of paralysis on May 8th. The laboratory is located in Islamabad.

The second case was that of an 11-month-old kid from Mir Ali who was diagnosed with wild polio on May 27 after exhibiting symptoms of paralysis. The young boy ultimately passed away after suffering paralysis in all 4 limbs as well as the muscles in his neck.

All ten cases that have been reported so far in 2022 have come from North Waziristan. More cases are anticipated to emerge from this region due to the ongoing transmission of wild poliovirus, which is caused by high vaccination resistance and inadequate health standards.

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