Dr. Agustn Saldvar, the Trauma Hospital’s director, had a news conference on Monday to present the weekly report of cases treated at the hospital, highlighting the considerable rise in deaths compared to the previous week. 

In a week, he said, 1,749 patients were helped, including 1,075 in the emergency room, 245 victims of car accidents, 185 victims of motorcycle accidents, and 75 aggressions of which 4 were domestic, two females and two males.

“There are 13, with a considerable increase in the number of deaths, of which 9 are motorcycle accidents, firearm assaults, motor vehicle runs over, and clinical pathology,” he explained.

He stated that 19 people were injured by knives, 12 people were injured by firearms, 22 people were injured by fist-kicks, and 12 people were injured by blunt weapons. 

“Nine children were involved in an accident while being transported on a motorcycle. The youngest in the group is a one-year-old from Ypané. There are two 2 year olds, one from Ayolas, others from 6 to 14 year olds, and the others from Pedro Juan Caballero,” he explained.

He also mentioned that the former director of Tacumbú, Oscar Daniel González Olmedo, was among those who perished from gunshot wounds. “Around midday, the patient came, requiring 30 minutes of resuscitation. He showed no signs of life when he arrived. He was shot five times. They tried everything that is associated with cardiac resuscitation, but it was too late. He suffered deadly wounds in anatomical areas of the body as a result of his injuries. They will continue to be lethal whether he is helped in Paraguay or the United States,” Mr. Salvdar said.

Finally, he stated that the occupancy in the hospital continues with eight pediatric therapy beds, which is the same as last week. “In an acute care hospital like ours, healthcare is dynamic; people come in and go out. When there is available space and patients to operate on, we must plan for the potential of therapy. We take advantage of this chance to place all patients on a waiting list in order to cure their difficulties, whether they are young or adults,” he stated emphatically.

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