It is estimated that there may be 141 monkeypox cases in Nigeria which is a jump from the previous 110 cases according to the country’s Center for Disease Control (NCDC). 

While investigating the spread of the virus, scientists paid more attention to the pathogen’s genetic sequence as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). 

The problem with monkeypox is that it is now causing previously unseen outbreaks in 30 nations across the world where it was previously alien. The good news is that DNA viruses where monkeypox belongs don’t mutate as fast as RNA viruses like Covid-19. 

However, this also means that sequencing the virus’ genome might not be helpful with tracking its spread from person to person.

Surprisingly, from the different genomes of the virus shared from different scientists across the globe, it has been discovered that it “has more mutations than predicted”. 

Numerous mutations in the virus’ genome in such a slim period calls for concern because it can mean that the virus is advancing to enhance its transmissibility among humans. 

Nevertheless, scientists think differently (and need further analysis) on the information presented by the mutations which can shed light on the outbreak. 

From the beginning of the year to June 12, 2022, the NCDC had recorded 141 presumed monkeypox infections and 36 verified across 15 states. 

“One death has been reported so far of a man aged 40 that was immunocompromised and taking immunosuppressive medications. In total, from the beginning of September 2017 to June 12, 2022, Nigeria has 653 presumed infections spread across 33 states out of the country’s 36 states. 

“Within the same period the country has had 9 mortalities” the report said. 

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