The government of Gambia will charge and bring charges ex – president Yahya Jammeh and Dr Tamsir Mbowe with killing for knowingly and deliberately leading to the death of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) who were forced to join in the sham PATP and disadvantaged of life-saving treatment, according to the Whitepaper on the TRRC findings.

Ex – president Yahya Jammeh launched and promoted the President’s Alternate Treatment Programme, claiming to be able to cure HIV/AIDS as well as other diseases.

The Whitepaper also approved the arrest of Yahya Jammeh and Dr. Tamsir Mbowe for incompetence that resulted in the deaths of PLHIV participants who were denied life-saving medication.

They will also face charges for inhumane and degrading treatment of PLHIV who participated in the treatment program, as well as admitting minors to the PATP in contravention of the Children’s Act 2005 and the Agreement on the Rights of the Child.

Dr. Tamsir Mbowe’s practicing license will also be revoked indefinitely by the government for failing to follow the medical rules of behavior and for his role in the phony PATP.

The strengthening of existing laws on the use of natural medical goods was also approved, as was the efficient execution of the Pharmaceuticals and Related Products Act of 2014.

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